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Instituto Espaço Silvestre is a non-governmental organization composed of a General Assembly, the supreme body in the hierarchical structure, formed by the members of the board, the supervisory board and the founders of the institution.


The Assembly's attributions include approving activity reports and balance sheets, as well as electing members of the Boards and Executive Board. The Executive Board is responsible for discussing goals, guidelines and performance indicators, in addition to assisting in the development of fundraising programs.  In turn, the Fiscal Council is responsible for issuing opinions on the balance sheets sent by the board, give an opinion on the performance of financial operations and monitor compliance with the institution's Statute. Click here to learn about our statute and here to view our negative certificate.


In accordance with Federal Law 13,204/15 and State Law 15,617/15, Instituto Espaço Silvestre maintains its commitment to transparency   in the use of resources.

To learn more, get to know  our team   and the audited financial statements below:

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Together we can fly higher!

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