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Online course of

Eco-formation  Transdisciplinary

Dr. Deisiane Delfino

Start of classes: August 15

An opportunity to learn and build collectively with international experts on the subject

Faced with the global environmental crisis and the current conditions of unsustainability, complexity and uncertainty, we need to rethink ways of learning that generate a profound change in thinking, feelings and actions of our society with the Planet.  There many decades scientists around the world warn about the degradation of biodiversity, the fragmentation and destruction of ecosystems and the extinction of many species. 

In this context,  education and training of young leaders appears as the main path capable of promoting a transformation   in our perception and relationship with the world.


It is an innovative approach that works with ecological, social and emotional aspects of the planetary environmental crisis. That invites us to question values, thoughts and actions, leading to a change of paradigm, of behavior, to regenerate ourselves .  That inspires us and invites us to transform education to transform the world .


There will be 4 modules, with weekly meetings, facilitated and recorded by Dr. Deisiane Delfino directly from Barcelona and made available to participants each week. In total there will be 6 recorded meetings, 2 live workshops plus the exchange of reflections and experiences through the course forum. The course methodology is interactive and participatory, where knowledge and learning are built collectively, with the exchange of experiences and experiences. Therefore, participation in the proposed activities is an essential condition for obtaining the certificate of completion.

The course will last for 8 weeks, starting on 09/20/22. The final calendar will be confirmed with those enrolled in early September, after confirmation of enrollment. The workshops are scheduled for 10/01 and 11/05 and will be live, with the possibility of changing the date according to the dynamics of the group. Meetings will be released each week and will be available until the next meeting date. After attending the meeting, participants must fill in the keywords in the attendance control form and must participate in the activity proposed in the course forum.

What is the course workload ?

The course has a workload of 20 hours, with weekly recorded meetings, live workshops and interaction via an online forum.

Will I receive a certificate?

You will be entitled to a certificate, with international recognition from the Interfase Research Group of the Autonomous University of Barcelona, once you have completed 100% of the course.

Who is the course suitable for? 

The course is suitable for university students in the area of humanities, social sciences and nature. Teachers from different levels of education can also participate. However, it can be done by anyone interested in the subject and who wants to promote a positive transformation in their surroundings and in the world.

When will the online meetings take place? 

Start scheduled from 09/20/2022 and end before 11/10/2022. Recorded meetings will be released each week. The live workshops are scheduled for 10/01 and 11/05, at 9 am.

What language will the course be in?

The course will be in Portuguese.




- What is the trajectory of environmental education?

- How to understand the planetary environmental crisis?
- What is the Anthropocene?

- Development is sustainable for whom?

- How to update the discourse of environmental education?
- Working together: what education do we have and what education do we want?




- What are the dimensions of environmental education?

- What is Ecotraining?

- What is the relationship of EE with the social, ecological and political?

- What is the path of transformative learning?

- How to build a work of reconnection with nature?

- Working together: how to build transformative learning in EA?



- What is the step-by-step approach to Transdisciplinary Eco-training?

- How can Eco-training contribute to "Sustainable" Development?

- What values (re)connect us with nature?

- How to build regenerative cultures?

- Working together: how has my story shaped me and my relationship with nature?


CHANGING COURSE, FROM REFLECTION TO ACTION: For a transformative socio-ecological education

- How to build a new path for transformative education?

- How to face the environmental crisis globally and locally?

- What values are fundamental on this path?

- What is our role as an individual, collective and especially as leaders?

- Working together: how to be transformative leaders (ECO)?


Aulas com especialistas nacionais e internacionais


Disponibilizamos gratuitamente, três vagas sociais para o curso, sendo uma para pessoas trans e travestis, uma para pessoas negras e uma para pessoas indígenas ou quilombolas. (Já estão preenchidas!)

Mais informações no e-mail:

About the Facilitator: Deisiane Delfino

Deisiane Delfino is a Geographer, professor, researcher at the Department of Geography, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) and partner of the Espaço Silvestre Institute. Get to know a little about his academic, pedagogical and technical trajectory :

  • Postdoctoral fellow in Climate Change and Socio-ecological Learning.

  • PhD in Environmental Analysis and Protected Areas from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) and UFSC.

  • Master in Regional and Urban Development (UFSC).

  • Specialist in Public Policies (UDESC) and Environmental Management (FGV).

  • 20 years of experience in education and social participation, with extensive experience in participatory management of environmental conservation units.

  • Coordinated the participatory process of elaboration of the Management Plan for the Environmental Protection Area of Baleia Franca and the Management Plan for the Ecological Station of Carijós.

  • She works as a consultant/researcher on projects on local adaptation to climate change at the Spanish Ministry of Science and Technology.

  • His academic experience is published in national and international book chapters and scientific articles.

  • Creator of the Transforming Transdisciplinary Environmental Education Course.

  • Speaker at national and international events



Investment: BRL 349.99
(discounted value until 7/30)
Installable through PagSeguro

Start of classes: August 15

By taking our course you will be helping in the rehabilitation of wild animals! Part of the amount raised will be invested in IES projects!

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