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What is a marine batteries deep cycle?

The so-called marine batteries deep cycle means that the UPS battery discharge when the battery capacity can be put very low, and will not have a very big impact on the life of the battery itself; Like a normal UPS battery can't start, you can't often deep discharge, if often deep discharge is very bad for the battery itself.

Deep cycle batteries are lead-acid batteries from the point of view of application. The biggest feature of this type of battery is small current discharge, which can discharge 100%. After deep discharge, the battery can be completely restored.

Features of deep cycle UPS battery

1, the unique deep cycle design, thick plate and high density of active substances, has a longer life in deep cycle applications;

2. Good recovery performance of deep discharge;

3, large capacity, high specific energy;

4. Small self-discharge (the voltage of the battery will drop slowly when stored at high temperature, and the internal resistance of the UPS battery is low);

5, good consistency (very suitable for solar and UPS use).

Deep cycle UPS battery self-discharge is small, deep discharge performance is good, charging acceptance is strong, up and down potential difference is small, large capacitance. In low temperature start-up ability, charge retention ability, electrolyte retention ability, cycle endurance ability, vibration resistance, temperature resistance and other aspects have been significantly improved. Stored at 20℃ for 2 years, it can be put into operation without charging.

Adapt to a wide range of environments. Can be used in the temperature range of -40℃--65℃, especially good low temperature performance, suitable for the northern alpine region. Good seismic performance, can be used safely in a variety of harsh environment. It is not limited by space and can be placed in any direction when used.

It is quick and easy to use. Because the internal resistance, capacity, and floating charging voltage of a single UPS battery are consistent, there is no need for balanced charging and frequent maintenance.

tom lee

tom lee

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