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Data de entrada: 2 de jun. de 2022


Export 3D image data into AutoCAD:Accelerate the process of exporting 3D CAD data. You no longer need to wait days for a printed 3D model to be shipped to you. With the new Import Mesh option, you can add a 3D model in seconds.Expand the AutoCAD 2D Toolbox:Access additional modeling tools and speed up your workflow. Added functionality for the new AutoCAD 2D Toolbox includes added properties, updated documentation, and improved performance when you’re working with 3D models.Protractor:Optimize your drafting for architects, planners, and engineers. In addition to measurement properties like width, angle, and area, you’ll now find new architectural drawing properties like end/end, height/height, volume/volume, and area/area.Search for related drawings in the project’s drawing tree and see a list of all matches in a tooltip. Now, you’re one click away from sharing information across the entire AutoCAD project.Draw a line between two points or points between two lines. Now, you have the ability to easily specify the centerline of a closed curve. (video: 0:59 min.)With the new workflow enhancements, you’ll now be able to track changes more easily. You can now send and incorporate feedback into your designs with the new Markup Import feature. With this option, you can import PDF, DXF, and PostScript markings into your drawing. Simply select and import the markings and you’ll see them appear in your drawing automatically.More AutoCAD functions are now available in the new AutoCAD 2D Toolbox. You can now create spline handles, select an end point in a polyline, draw the centerline of a polyline, and measure the area of a polyline.The Protractor tool is now easier to use, thanks to improved precision, tooltips, and functionality. Now, you can easily find the centerline of a closed curve and specify the centerline of a point. You can also quickly measure the area of a polyline and accurately calculate the length of a line.New options for the 3D Zoom tool allow you to modify the region of the viewport, or viewport mode, so that you can see more of your drawing. You can toggle a single 2be273e24d

AutoCAD [32|64bit]

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