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Welcome to IES Educa!


Created in 2022, the project IES Educa (IES Education) works globally! We act taking information, education, knowledge and professionalization all over the world!


Our MISSION is to bring a transformative approach for the educational view towards animal and environmental subjects. This way, here we create a democratic, didactic and accessible space to share knowledge and capacitation for professionals and students. 

We only conservate what we know, so let's learn more to keep up with conservation work.

In our website you can find courses (below), educative material and publications that might serve as help or guide for professionals in the environmental area and to all of the communities that might want to learn more about environmentalism in general.

For partnerships, sponsorships, events, projects and/or presential or online lectures, contact us in the email:



Taking our courses you will be helping in the rehabilitation of wild animals!
Part of the amount raised will be invested in IES projects!

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