You are an essential part of the fight for animal welfare and wildlife conservation. With a few reais you can give a new chance to hundreds of animals victims of human actions and help in the monitoring of those who already live in freedom.


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Instituto Espaço Silvestre   CNPJ: 03.213.678/0001-40


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Membros do clube tem acesso a vantagens exclusivas com nossos parceiros além de ajudar centenas de animais silvestres! Para fazer parte basta escolher um plano de doação mensal e enviar seus dados atualizados aqui.

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We know that money is not the only way to donate! That's why we have other forms of donations, just as important. Click below on your preferred form, or contact our team here .  If you would like to volunteer for our projects, we would be delighted. To do so, access the preferred project in the main menu and complete the registration there. Together we will always be stronger.

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Several companies are changing the way they help the world.  Join the cause of Instituto Espaço Silvestre and earn several benefits, including a reduction in Income Tax!

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